Do I qualify?

DO I QUALIFY FOR A TITLE LOAN? UTAH MONEY CENTER will tailor a loan to meet your individual needs. You may qualify to borrow up to 50% of the wholesale value of your vehicle if you answer yes to the following questions even with bad credit… Are you employed and/or have a stable income? Is the title in your name? Is your vehicle paid off? Is your vehicle in good running condition? Is it free of major body damage? If you answered YES? Then give us a call right now to apply for a title loan from UTAH MONEY CENTER or go to our website at and fill out an application.

Utah Money Store vs Utah Money Center

Utah Money Store was opened March 2005. It was started with much enthusiasm as any business owner will attest to. The owners had grand ideas of being much more personable and kind compared to other payday lenders and title loan places. They have been true to their ideals. They strive to work with customers in helping them make their obligations. They understand that life happens.

In 2011 Utah Money Store was forced to change their name because a big chain back east named “The Money Store” threatened a law suit. The Money Store does mortgages. Not even the same type of lending as Utah Money Store but they still insisted we were infringing on their name. Therefore Utah Money Store changed to Utah Money Center to keep the peace and avoid a costly legal battle where only the attorneys would win.

Title loans can be used to pay for: Emergencies Bills Consolidation Anything

  • What is a Title Loan?
  • Do I Qualify?

These are some very commonly asked questions:

A title loan is a simple loan that uses your car (or other titled property) as collateral. For people with limited credit history, poor credit or simply in need of a quick loan without all the hassles of dealing with a big bank, title loans are an excellent funding source. They are a quick and easy loan to secure. Go to to apply online or you can apply over the phone. Give us a call. We would love to give you a free quote. Title loans can be used to pay for:
  • Emergencies
  • Bills
  • Textbooks
  • Anything else you might need extra cash for

Learn More About Title Loans

Title loans are much like other loans you may get from a bank, credit card company or individual. The main item of difference is that a title loan specifically states what collateral is used to secure the loan. In most cases, when people refer to a title loan they are talking about a car title being used as the collateral. At Utah Money Center Title Loans in Salt Lake City, Utah, almost any titled property can be used for a loan. Title loans are named thus because the lenders will hold your title to your vehicle, as collateral. The borrowers are thus not restricted from making use of the vehicle during the period of the loan, because only the title is held by the lender. Titled property is essential any property which is associated or named by a legal document which shows ownership and is recognized by a government agency.