Utah Money Center!

Here at Utah Money Center we have fast affordable loans. We have two options for you collateral loans or non collatoral loans. Both loans are great rates, flexible payments, repay any time with no extra fees. Collateral Loans:
  • ID
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of Address
  • TItle
  • Car registration
  • Insurance card
Non Collateral Loans:
  • ID
  • Proof of Income ( at least your last two pay stubs)
  • Proof of Address
  • Social Security Card
That is all you need so simply call us today to get started.

4 Steps to being debt free!

1. Asses your problems- Write a plan down so that every pay check goes to your bills, debt and then savings. It’s always important that you pay your current bills first then go to the ones that are your debt (meaning ones in collections) why you ask because your current ones can help your credit with on time payments still coming on time still. The ones in collections will hurt you up until they are paid off so that is why it’s important to stay current with your bills now.

2. Changing your behavior with money- If you are spending more money then you make it need to stop now so you can become debt free not more into debt. I have always thought if I can’t pay cash for it then I do not need it as bad as I want it.

3. Itemize your highest interest debt- Pay off the higher interest ones first because they are what’s hurting your credit score. After you pay those off use that money you was pay for them to your other debt that way it’s bad off at a fast pace now.

4. Prevent debt- Always put some money aside to save. Everyone needs a savings. Also put some money aside for non-necessities. It’s important to be able to buy what you want without going back into debt keep saving money. Pay your bills and always be on time will assure you will be debt free in no time.

Aways have a plan to overcome situations that come up that way you never fall behind, if you feel you are losing yourself with loss of money look no further then Utah Money Center. We are here to help you have a brighter day.

Utah Money Center is here in your time of need.

We understand it’s difficult being approved for a credit card or unsecured loan due to poor credit score but if you have collateral you can be approved for a secure loan such as our title loans.

WIth our title loans we do not check your credit we just hold your title until it’s been paid off. At Utah Money Center we will work around what you can afford on a monthly payment and for how long so there is always an end with your loans

Utah Money Center is helping you out in you time of need but most important we value our hard work in making sure you understand the terms, agreement and leave knowing there are always options with your loan.

To qualify for the loan all you need is to own the car out right, value of the vehicle is worth it, income and proof of residency. Just call West Jordan Utah Money Center at 801-569-2599 to get started today!

Emergency Situation

Getting a Signature loan is one of the easiest ways to come up with the money that you need quickly. Someone may become ill in your family and need required medical attention or your car may have broke down and you need to fix it or get a new car. We understand that these emergencies do come up in the most inconvenient times so that is why we are here to help you with the extra cash you need. At Utah Money Center we have flexible loans, customized terms to fit your needs, convenient repayment options plus no fee to pay of early, and last but very important we give you peace of mind to help you through your hard time you have hit.

At Utah Money Center we believe in helping you build your credit back up so we will report to the credit agents once a month to help your score go up. We want you to always come to us first because we are here to help you look no further. Simply pick up the phone and call us today so we can help you easy that stress off your shoulders.

Above Water with Utah Money Center!

When your family is sinking in the debt of money Utah Money Center is here to help. We can get you cash in no time. We have 2 different installment loans for you and we work hard to get you that Yes you need. Utah Money Center is small enough to work with you to make your loan just perfect for your family and not just a basic in and out loan that has no wiggle room for unexpected expenses.

Four ways we help you with your sinking ship is:

1. We proved you with Cash in handle.
2. Our loans are flexible.
3. Our loans are interest and principle payments so your always have a end date.
4. Our team will go to bat for you no matter what.

Simply just click here to get started with your loan today.. www.utahmoneycenter.com or you can always call 801-569-2599

Utah Money Center of Provo, Your friend with money!

Utah Money Center of Provo: With Utah Money Center of Provo you’ll never feel like a fish without water. Whenever you’re in need of some quick cash to make some suffocating payments, think of Utah Money Center of Provo. We’ll be there to help you out no matter what your situation is, weather you need the loan for a couple of weeks, to even a few months, we’ll be here to be your friend with money. So jet on down or give our loan centers a call for more information on how we can help you! We have a very friendly staff that’s here to work with you and to work what whatever your needs may be.

Protect Yourself From That Financial Bind!


Utah Money Center can help you when you are in that financial stick-up! We offer TITLE LOANS and SIGNATURE LOANS in Sandy, West Jordan, Provo and Spanish Fork!

APPLY TODAY & COMMENT! Mention WEST JORDAN TITLE LOANS & you can get 15 days interest free for SIGNATURE LOANS and 30 days interest free for TITLE LOANS!

We can beat your stress with CASH!

Our team at Utah Money Center is here to make sure you leave with cash in hand and a little less stressed then before you walked in. We want to help you understand our loans a little better as well as get your boat a float instead of sinking deeper.

I am not going to sugar coat that our loans do not have high interest rate because that would be a lie. We do have higher interest then a bank, credit union or even a car lot but with that said we are one of the lower interest rate in our business. Our goal at Utah Money Center is to have you take your loan out for a short period of time to get you back on your feet. At Utah Money Center we are not here to tell you what to do with your money because we understand emergencies, unplanned events, or even just something that can’t wait until payday comes up. That is why at Utah Money Center we are here to assist you in getting out of the bind when your bank/credit union just can’t.

Title Loans at Utah Money Center are lower then most lender out there. We have easy readable, affordable and even a payment plan to help you understand your payments. With our payment plan you will know what your payment is, when it is due and even how much is interest and how much is principle. That is a bonus with Utah Money Center your payment is always broken up to both principle and interest instead of just interest first then your principle last. If for any reason something comes up on your schedule due date you would just simply call our team and let them know what is going on and they can always work with you. Our team is willing and able to help easy your stress when ever you feel it with your loan, money or just need to let us know something happened.

We also offer signature loans which are a little higher in interest then our title loans but you do not need any collateral. Our signature loans are flexible payment options, lower payments on your payday and of course a payment plan. We also do the principle and interest on these loans with every payment.

Let us be your first and only stop you will not regret it with Utah Money Center. Our team is going to go to bat for you when you think you can’t we say we can. Our team is going to try everything to get you that YES you need. Just simply call one of our four locations so we can get you that cash you need TODAY!

Advantages Of Utah Money Center’s Installment Loans.

If you are in need of money look no further Utah Money Center. At Utah Money Center we have friendly, quick and willing to help staff members that will help easy that money problem you have hit. You can either call them at on of our four locations or just stop by.

We have looking into what installment loans are advantages over any other loan out there:

1. Borrowers get money FAST! If you have emergency or need that money fast a bank is not going to be your option at this time because most banks need at least 48 to 72 hours for underwriting as well as a lot of paper work done. Here at Utah Money Center we will take at tops 2 hours to get your underwriting done with a answer.

2. You Appreciate Consistency Installment loans offered at Utah Money Center are reliable, easy to understand, flexible payment options. You will know exactly what your payment is every time you pay also you will know what is going to principle and what is going to interest on that payment. Utah Money Center make sure that if you pay on time every time that you will have the loan paid off in one year time because we offer the plans that pay both interest and principle on your payments instead of just interest.

3. Collateral or No Collateral Loans You have two options here at Utah Money Center either use your title as collateral or take advantage of our signature loans. With a Title we do not need to run your credit because we have something to hold as collateral on the loan. With a Signature loan we need to run your credit to check a couple different things. (Don’t worry we are not looking at your scores ???? ) Both your loans offer amazing low interest flexible terms.

So at Utah Money Center we are here to help you anyway we can. We pride ourselves in saying YES when most company tell you NO. Our staff’s goals are to make underwriting come to a YES before they even have a chance to say No because they go to bat for you no matter what. So please feel free to contact one of your great locations for help today. We look forward to help each and everyone of you.

Poor Money Management

Poor Money Management: Often Times we are never taught about how to manger out money or how to make a budget and stick to it. These three was will help you mange your money better.

1. Track every transaction with receipt or a note you spent how much are where.
2. Have a special place in your car and home for those transaction to go.
3. At the end of the month go through and see where you can cut back and save every month.

At Utah Money Center we understand these things come up. That is why we are here to help you and not point the finger at you. We are here to listen and help ease that burden you have come across. Utah Money Center is fast, easy and very up front. If you are looking for extra cash look no further Utah Money Center is here to help. Just call one of your four locations Sandy, Provo, West Jordan or Spanish Fork.