Need Cash Fast?

We all come up short sometimes. Something happens that we just weren’t expecting. If this happens to you and you need some cash fast, come to Utah Money Center for an easy Signature loan or Title loan.

We have competitive interest rates and friendly staff ready to help you, whatever you need the money for. Call us at 801-373-CASH today!

Back to School

It’s getting to be that time again… Back to school! For parents this may be exciting, to get your kids out of the house again, but what about all of those school supplies?

Between the pencils, notebooks, new shoes, and clothes, the cost can all really add up.

When you need money (whether it’s for school supplies or something else) you can always come to Utah Money Center for an easy title loan or signature loan! Call 801-373-2274 today to get pre-approved!

Vanishing Interest Loan

Our Signature Loans just got even better! The interest is vanishing away….

It’s magical!

A Vanishing Interest Loan is our latest promotion for Signature Loans! Every time you make your scheduled payment (which includes a little principal – bonus!) by the due date, your interest rate will be lowered by 20%! Every time!

You can’t beat this deal! It means that on your next payment, you will still pay the scheduled amount, but even more will go toward principal! That means you will pay your loan off sooner!

Call today to get started on your signature or title loan at Utah Money Center!

How do I qualify for a Signature Loan?

So, after last week’s post, I’m sure you’re all excited about getting an awesome Signature Loan instead of those lame Pay Day Loans. But, what do you have to do to qualify?

Our Signature Loans are credit-based, but all you need to bring in is your latest pay stub and utility bill (that’s to verify your job and address), and your driver’s license (to verify you are who you say you are!). That’s it!

You can start an application right now by calling 801-373-2274, or online at our website,, by clicking Apply Now at the top of the page.Apply NowOh, and you don’t need to worry about the credit check. It doesn’t need to be perfect, or anywhere near perfect. As long as you are working to improve previous bad credit, by paying off any judgements and keeping current on your other lines of credit, you’ll be good!

If you think you still might not qualify because your credit is bad and you are unable to make it any better now, you can always apply in the same way for a title loan, with no credit check! And we offer competitive interest rates on our title loans. If you see anything better somewhere else, we will match or beat it!

What is a Signature Loan?

We get calls almost every day from someone looking for a Pay Day Loan. However, we do not offer Pay Day Loans, and we are ecstatic about that!

Pay Day Loans require you to present a post-dated check for your next pay day. When that pay day comes, you are then expected to either pay the loan off (which is usually a huge lump sum) or extend it to your next pay day by paying the interest for the time you had the loan. Extending the loan only makes you pay more interest and pushes that lump sum off to the next time. And, in Utah, you are only allowed to extend a Pay Day Loan up to 10 weeks from the day you got the loan. That means that 10 weeks after you get the loan, you are required to pay it all back as well as all of the interest you’ve acquired. That adds up!

Instead of Pay Day Loans, Utah Money Center offers Signature Loans! These loans are similar to Pay Day Loans, but we think they are even better! For starters, you don’t need to have a checking account, because we don’t use post-dated checks. You don’t need checks!Signature Loans are also set up so that with every payment (which is based around your pay days), you pay down the principal a little. This allows you to always be reducing the amount that the interest is being charged on, thereby reducing the amount of interest you pay every time. If you keep current with your schedule, you can pay the same amount every pay day and pay off your loan in a year! That’s awesome!

Of course, you are always allowed to pay off the loan early, if you are able to. You can even pay a little extra with every payment or in between payments to get it paid down sooner! And there are no fees for doing that at all!

Get started on your Signature Loan today by calling 801-373-2274 or online by hitting “Apply Now” at the top of our website!

Summertime, and the Livin’ is Easy!

Now that the kids are out of school and we’ve had a few days in the 90’s, I would say it is officially summertime!

And you know what that means…

Summer Vacations!

Doesn’t that look relaxing?

If you are wondering how you can possibly afford a vacation this year, look no further! Getting an easy title or signature loan from Utah Money Center can finance your dream vacation this year! Whatever vacation you are planning this year, whether it’s going to the beach, to see family, Disney World, the other side of the country, or even just having a stay-cation, we can help you out!

Whenever I think of summertime, that one line of lyrics always pops into my head: “Summertime, and the livin’ is easy.” Maybe “easy livin’ ” is only a dream you have right now, but Utah Money Center can make your livin’ easy! Call or come into our stores in Sandy, Spanish Fork, or Provo today to finance your easier life!

It only takes 5 minutes on the phone to get you pre-approved for a signature or title loan!

Now there is a way to get out of the Payday trap

Utah Money Center loans are designed to be affordable — they are not payday loans. Utah Money Center gives you the cash you need and keeps you out of the payday loan trap.

We know it can feel like you are living from paycheck to paycheck. Utah Money Center loans offer an alternative to payday loans. Instead of paying interest for 10 weeks and having a balloon payment at the end or paying outrageous extension fees, a Utah Money Center Signature Loan is a fully amortized loan for one full year. This means you pay the same low payment for as long as you need with the peace of mind that with every payment your loan is being paid off.

I would recommend to anyone with a payday loan to refinance it to a fully amortized loan from Utah Money Center located in Sandy, Provo and Spanish Fork.

Competition and options are good for everyone

Advance America’s CEO Patrick O’Shaughnessy on healthy competition within the short-term credit market, whether from banks or non-bank providers:

“I believe consumers benefit from having multiple options.
We’ve recently seen activity from both depository and alternative financial service providers as they focus on developing strategies to better serve their customer short-term credit needs.

Loan services reports since August 2010, when new rules took effect that prohibit banks from automatically enrolling customers in overdraft plans for debit cards or ATM transactions. The overall opt-in rates for such plan has grown to exceed 77%. This high opt-in rate clearly demonstrates large consumer demand for short-term credit and that consumers regard overdraft as a safety net and not as a penalty.”

New Loan Type!

Hello all of you wonderful customers. We are so happy to offer you a new type of loan called a Signature loan. A Signature Loan is a fully amortized loan (principal and interest are paid on with every payment). Your loan is amortized over 12 months so you minimum payment is very, very small, but you can pay more any time. Also, there is no penalty to pay off the loan before 12 months.

Get out of those TRAPPING payday loans and refinance with a Utah Money Center Signature Loan today!