When looking for a reliable loan center in Taylorsville, visit Utah Money Center. We are a top provider of some of the most flexible instant cash loans in the state. We offer a range of signature and title loans that work even for individuals with a less-than-stellar credit score and bankruptcy history. We help you get cash fast, and we also assist in rebuilding your credit.

Choose a Loan that Works for You

Sometimes, the lack of real property can hinder an individual from qualifying for a much-needed loan. A negative credit history, meanwhile, can cause lending companies to turn down applications.

As a loan center that understands these struggles, we offer tailored loans to help our clients receive financial aid, no matter their previous or current situation. Here are some of the loans we offer:

Car Title Loans – Apply for a loan without losing your car. As we only get the title as collateral, you get your cash and keep your car.

ATV, Trailer, and Other Recreational Vehicle Title Loans – Convert a vehicle that you rarely use into fast cash. We provide quick loans on various recreational vehicles, from ATVs to snowmobiles. For this loan option, we would ask you to leave your vehicle with us, but rest assured that you will get it back after the loan duration.

Signature Loans and Cash Advances – No property? This is not a problem. We offer signature loans that do not require real property as collateral. We only ask for your signature and a pledge of payment, and you’re all set.

As our goal is to help reduce your costs and pay off your loan more quickly, we provide the lowest interest rates in Taylorsville. We also let you choose a payment plan that suits your situation and budget.

We serve clients in Taylorsville and nearby areas. Apply online or call us today for a free quote and pre-approval.


(West Jordan store has moved to new location in Taylorsville)