We all need to settle our bills on time, pay the tuition on schedule, and put food on the table every day. Sometimes, it can be difficult to make ends meet. Utah Money Center enables people in dire need to fulfill their financial responsibilities. As the most reliable money center in the state, we offer hassle-free cash advances and signature loans.

Your needs won’t wait until your next paycheck. We understand that there are concerns you cannot put off for another month, so we offer a range of flexible loan options that take just a few minutes to approve. We make sure to get you the emergency cash you need at the earliest time possible.

No Collateral Required

Sometimes, life can hit you hard and leave you with limited resources. Our cash advances and signature loans let you qualify for a loan even without real property as collateral. All we ask is your signature, on top of a pledge of payment, and you’re all set to receive your emergency cash.

What is a Cash Advance?

Cash advances help bridge the gap between paychecks. We advance or loan you money until your next source of income arrives. It is a great way to avoid over draft fees or late charges on rent and other time sensitive bills. Cash advances can be amortized to include both Principal and Interest so you will know exactly when your loan will be paid back. There is peace of mind knowing your loan will be paid off in a timely manor and that you are not trapped into an Interest only loan. Our signature loan is typically a better interest rate than a payday or cash advance loan.

We Will Help You Rebuild Your Credit

Our loans can build your credit. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if a bad credit history has caused companies to decline your application in the past. We offer tailored loan solutions to help you qualify for a loan, despite a bankruptcy history. Here, we offer flexible payment options and the lowest interest rates in the industry, so you can rebuild your credit and get back on your feet. We have simplified the loan application process for you. You can complete your loan application in three easy steps.


Fill out an application online or over the phone. Give us a call.

STEP TWO - Come in to Our Store

You will need a few simple things. The list is short and you can finish this step in under 20 minutes. Just bring or fax us what we need and we’ll get to work immediately for you.


Once everything is complete, drop by our store and get your money!

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