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Arjun S.South Jordan, UT
My visit here was great. Trinity was able to answer all of my questions in full detail, and her customer service skills are fantastic. I am going to refer my family & friends because of Trinity.
John B.West Valley, UT
Excellent, fast and friendly service. Thank you.
Wade T.UT
Working with the Utah Money store has always been ad continues to be very quick, easy and efficient. The staff are always very courteous and easy to work with. We would recommend your company to others. As a lender, Utah Money Store has given me great service rates and promotions that have enabled me to provide for my family in ...
Lori W.UT
Several times in the past I have had occasion to borrow monies for needed repairs and unexpected financial problems that arise from time to time. I have used other loan centers, but have found them to have higher rates and don't offer a payoff solution. for fast, friendly services incentives, lower rates and a light at the end of the ...
Crystal E.South Jordan, UT
On the recommendation of a friend I refinanced my title loan with the Utah Money Center in Sandy Utah. They cut my interest almost in half. I wished I had called around before I had originally taken out my loan. I didn’t realize how much title loan lenders vary in their rates. It is definitely worth shopping around. I haven’t ...
KimHerriman, UT
After my husband left my children and I, with only a note saying you can keep the car but you have to pay off the loan I have with Utah Money Center (which was past due) I was so afraid I would lose the car. I called the Utah Money Center and they were so sweet to work with me ...
Judy W.
I've had a great experience working with Debbie at the Utah Money Center. She has helped me out several times and is always kind and professional. She makes the process easy and fast. I'll continue to use them.
Elizabeth G.
The Sandy Utah Money Center is an awesome place to get an emergency title loan. The experience is friendly, quick and efficient. They are amazing to work with. I highly recommend going there!
Gwen H.
Awesome company to go through. I have dealt with them for years. Highly recommend.
If you're looking for a company that is honest and reasonable, go to the Utah money center, they are the best out there!
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Title Loans
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There’s no telling when emergencies will arise, and when they do, they are always costly. If you find yourself in a financial rut and you have nowhere to go, turn to Utah Money Center.
For more than a decade, we have been helping individuals get back on their feet financially. The time we have spent serving people who are in dire financial need made us see how easy it is to get stuck with bad credit, and getting out of the red is just as hard. For this reason, we do our best to help trustworthy customers get the financial aid they need when they need it.

Cash Is King

While the expression, “cash is king,” usually relates to business, it also applies to almost all daily transactions. After all, everyone needs cash to pay debts, buy a new house, car, groceries, and other necessities in life. You need money to make these things happen, and that would be possible if you have it in abundance.

We Can Help You Out

Unfortunately, cash is not something you can create out of thin air. You have to earn it through hard work. Even then, you still might not get everything you need, and right when you need them. We understand such difficulties, which is why we are giving you a way to get money with less hassle and reduced costs.

Bad Credit? Not A Problem

Sometimes, life takes a sudden turn and leaves you devoid of cash. Other devastating events that are no fault of your own, such as a divorce or a calamity, meanwhile, can leave us short of both money and possessions. Situations like these make it harder to apply for a loan, as most companies require collateral. We do our best to help customers who may not have anything to pledge for collateral or who may be hesitant to part with a sentimental item. In such trying times, the last thing we want is for you to worry while tryin got regain your financial independence. We provide loans for customers who have nothing to guarantee and provide the financial aid you need without taking your possessions away. We come up with tailored loans to help customers get their emergency cash.

Vanishing Interest Loans! Interested?

We like to reward our customers who pay their loans on time with Vanishing interest. With each on-time payment, your interest drops until…well there just isn’t any more interest. And that folks is how it works. Now isn’t that good news? Call us for details on the awesome VIL Loan (Vanishing Interest Loans).

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Your Source Of Cash In Utah
Utah Money Center is the place to go for the most affordable instant cash loan in the state. Our car and truck loans get you cash without giving up your wheels entirely.
Our title loans give you cash without going through the usual lengthy application process. What’s more, you get to keep your assets as we only get the titles as collaterals. We have car and truck loans as well as motorcycle loans if you want to get cash without giving up your wheels entirely. Signature loans are also available if you want to consolidate your debt or pay your monthly expenses. Our signature loans don’t need real property as collateral – all you need is your signature and pledge of payment and you’re all set to receive your money! Inquire regarding our cash advances and quick cash loans so you can start paying off what you owe today!

We take pride in providing the lowest interest rates in the industry to cut down on your costs and pay off your loan faster. Even if you have bad credit, you can still qualify for our tailored loans to give you the financial aid you need and help you rebuild your credit.