We are a local Utah grown company helping people with their finances since 2005. It didn’t take long for us to realize that many people are stranded with bad credit, and no where to turn for help with their finances. Sometimes through no fault of their own they find themselves turned up side down financially. Divorce or the changing economy to name a few reasons.

We have been striving to provide loans to good customers who are honorable to their debts and trust worthy. We try to establish a great relationship with our customers and many use us on a “as need basis”. While most of us are not privileged enough like the Clampetts on the Beverly Hillbillies to have their own personal banker we shouldn’t feel less privileged to have someone on whom we can call when we are in a bind.

We treat each customer with respect. Unlike big corporations our company has a very personable friendly feel to it. We do our best to say “Yes” to your loan requests.

Give us a try, you won’t be disappointed.

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Before you get a loan shop around for interest rates. You will be surprised at the difference in rates. Ours will be the lowest of course. But if by chance you find someone lower We will beat any of our competitors rates GUARANTEED!

You will be so happy with what we have to offer. We treat you like no other company can because of our commitment to our customers.