3 Things You Shouldn’t Charge on Your Credit Card

One swipe is all it takes to buy something – no matter how expensive or how large the item is. Yes, this is about credit cards and their power to help you with your purchases. The problem, however, is that most people think that every purchase that uses the credit card is a practical one. Soon after, these people find themselves knee-deep in debt caused by a piece of plastic.

The truth is you have to think about the things you pay for using a credit card. Here are some examples of things you shouldn’t charge on your credit card:


There is no sense transferring your student debt to a credit card, as the interest rates can be pretty steep. Moreover, the government offers different options to help you settle your previous loans. You can choose from deferment, forbearance, income-based repayment schemes, and, if possible, loan forgiveness.

Everyday Items

You might think it’s wise to buy everyday items using a credit card, but it’s not. Although you might feel excited at the prospect of your new shoes arriving tomorrow, you’re still incurring debt for a trivial purchase. Get your mind off the 50% discount tag and possible reward points for your card; instead, buy your everyday items using cash.

If you find the need to make a big purchase, you can always save up for it. Should it be an unexpected necessity, you can always look for other options. For example, you can apply for a title loan, which is a better way to finance your emergency expense.

Utility Bills

Some people use their cards to pay for their bills whenever they’re close to the month’s cut-off date. The problem, however, is that this increases your bill’s amount by a significant margin. The interest would just pile up and you’ll end up paying more for a month’s worth of service.

As with anything concerning your finances, you have to be sensible with your use of credit cards. Think about alternative options – such as strategies for saving up and applying for small loans – whenever you need to make a big purchase. Or better yet, you can let Utah Money Center help you. Contact us today to learn about our flexible loan options.