General Tips on Limiting Moving Costs, Part 1

At Utah Money Center, we’re happy to provide a variety of solutions for those looking for some quick cash, including affordable title loans and quality signature loans. Our cash loan types are often used for those in need of a little assistance before a significant expense, and a common expense found here is the cost of moving.

Depending on the size of the spaces involved, the number of people and the quantity of items, moving can range from a relatively simple and inexpensive process to a large-scale operation that comes with some significant costs. In addition to our excellent loan products that will help you cover any tough cost areas, this two-part blog series will dig into some general tips on reducing your overall moving costs without impacting the quality of the move itself.

tips limiting moving costs


Boxes can often make up a significant portion of a move’s expenses, but there are also several potential sources of free boxes to consider. Businesses like grocery stores, liquor stores, department stores and many chains will sometimes give away their used boxes for free, and local recycling centers may as well.

In addition, there’s nothing whatsoever wrong with driving behind a local strip mall area to collect intact boxes thrown out by businesses. You can also check online sources for boxes, such as Craigslist, KSL or others.

Limiting Clutter

The time before a move is a great chance to organize and de-clutter the home, including getting rid of wide range of items that might waste your time during the move. This is particularly important if you’re using a moving company – they tend to charge based on shipment weight, so reducing the overall haul will directly save you money (we’ll discuss moving companies more in a moment).

Time of Year

While you can’t always dictate the time of year you move during, it’s best to avoid peak moving season if you have any control over this factor. Peak season is considered to be the range between May and August, and things like truck rentals or professional movers tend to be most expensive during this period. If you can target something outside this range, you’d be surprised just how much you can save.

Moving Company Considerations

If you’re thinking about using a moving company, whether for an in-state or out-of-state move, you should solicit bids from at least three quality moving companies before making your final decision. Get these estimates in person, not over the phone, and be as precise as you can. Also consider reviews and recommendations when hiring movers, as quality can vary widely within this field.

For more on how to save money during a move, or to learn about any of our signature or title loans, speak to the staff at Utah Money Center today.