4 Steps to being debt free!

1. Asses your problems- Write a plan down so that every pay check goes to your bills, debt and then savings. It’s always important that you pay your current bills first then go to the ones that are your debt (meaning ones in collections) why you ask because your current ones can help your credit with on time payments still coming on time still. The ones in collections will hurt you up until they are paid off so that is why it’s important to stay current with your bills now.

2. Changing your behavior with money- If you are spending more money then you make it need to stop now so you can become debt free not more into debt. I have always thought if I can’t pay cash for it then I do not need it as bad as I want it.

3. Itemize your highest interest debt- Pay off the higher interest ones first because they are what’s hurting your credit score. After you pay those off use that money you was pay for them to your other debt that way it’s bad off at a fast pace now.

4. Prevent debt- Always put some money aside to save. Everyone needs a savings. Also put some money aside for non-necessities. It’s important to be able to buy what you want without going back into debt keep saving money. Pay your bills and always be on time will assure you will be debt free in no time.

Aways have a plan to overcome situations that come up that way you never fall behind, if you feel you are losing yourself with loss of money look no further then Utah Money Center. We are here to help you have a brighter day.