Advantages Of Utah Money Center’s Installment Loans.

If you are in need of money look no further Utah Money Center. At Utah Money Center we have friendly, quick and willing to help staff members that will help easy that money problem you have hit. You can either call them at on of our four locations or just stop by.

We have looking into what installment loans are advantages over any other loan out there:

1. Borrowers get money FAST! If you have emergency or need that money fast a bank is not going to be your option at this time because most banks need at least 48 to 72 hours for underwriting as well as a lot of paper work done. Here at Utah Money Center we will take at tops 2 hours to get your underwriting done with a answer.

2. You Appreciate Consistency Installment loans offered at Utah Money Center are reliable, easy to understand, flexible payment options. You will know exactly what your payment is every time you pay also you will know what is going to principle and what is going to interest on that payment. Utah Money Center make sure that if you pay on time every time that you will have the loan paid off in one year time because we offer the plans that pay both interest and principle on your payments instead of just interest.

3. Collateral or No Collateral Loans You have two options here at Utah Money Center either use your title as collateral or take advantage of our signature loans. With a Title we do not need to run your credit because we have something to hold as collateral on the loan. With a Signature loan we need to run your credit to check a couple different things. (Don’t worry we are not looking at your scores ???? ) Both your loans offer amazing low interest flexible terms.

So at Utah Money Center we are here to help you anyway we can. We pride ourselves in saying YES when most company tell you NO. Our staff’s goals are to make underwriting come to a YES before they even have a chance to say No because they go to bat for you no matter what. So please feel free to contact one of your great locations for help today. We look forward to help each and everyone of you.