Avoiding Major Financial Errors

Managing finances is one of the largest struggles many people undergo in their lives, and it’s totally natural that we all make mistakes or find ourselves in tough situations from time to time. At Utah Money Center, our title and signature loans are perfect for situations where you’re a bit down on your luck and need a brief bit of financial flexibility.

Certain financial mistakes are more serious than others, and there are some that might take you past the point where a title or signature loan can dig you out of this hole by itself. Here are a few of these mistakes, and how to avoid them well in advance.

Underestimating Retirement

Retirement is what many people work toward for their entire careers, but in many cases, people simply underestimate the true costs of properly building for retirement. Many in the Baby Boomer generation are beginning to feel this pinch already. Cost of living tends to continuously increase, a factor many people don’t plan for, and inflation and other financial elements contribute also. Meeting with a financial planner is advisable for avoiding these kinds of issues years down the road.


Perhaps the simplest mistake many people make with their finances is spending too much. Even some people with high-paying occupations wildly exceed reasonable spending limits, and before they know it, they find themselves in dire financial straits. Making a simple list of expenses and income can go a long way to solving these kinds of issues.

No Emergency Funds

We can’t always predict what kind of major financial or life events might take place, and it pays to be prepared for these. If you simply live paycheck to paycheck and never attempt to save for emergencies, you could find yourself in huge trouble if something big comes up. It’s advisable to keep three to six months of living expenses in a savings account for unexpected events.

Insurance Skimping

You may think these are small considerations if you own a car or home, but not having the proper insurance can be a huge mistake. What if someone gets injured on your property, and you don’t have proper liability insurance? What if, God forbid, you die prematurely and leave your family without the proper funds because you didn’t have life insurance? It’s never anyone’s favorite thing to get, but insurance is absolutely necessary from a financial standpoint.

To learn more about major financial mistakes to avoid, or to find out about our title and signature loans, speak to the pros at Utah Money Center today.