Title Loans May Help in These Situations

At Utah Money Center, we’re happy to provide title loans for a variety of vehicles. Whether you’re looking at car title loans, ATV title loans, motorcycle title loans or even title loans for snowmobiles, we’re here to get you the quick cash you need with no hassle.

A title loan works through you using your vehicle as collateral for the funds we’re giving you. We’ll appraise your vehicle and make you an offer based on the value, then retain the title to your car as the loan is active. Know that we don’t keep your vehicle during this period – only your title, which we retain in case of a default on your loan.

Who are the types of people who often can benefit from our title loans? Here are a few situations that might work perfectly for a title loan.

Bad Credit

When applying for standard loan types, credit is one of the most important considerations. Many banks won’t even think about lending you money if your score isn’t over 700, and if you’re below 600, there’s almost no major financial institution that will deal with you.

This is where title loans come in. They require no credit check for you to obtain funds – your car’s title is the collateral on the loan, so there’s no need to look at your credit history as a result. Even if you have a past bankruptcy on your record, you can still get a title loan from Utah Money Center easily. We understand that even those with some credit issues may need some quick cash from time to time, and we’re here to help.

Quick Cash

Life can come at you fast, as they say, and this often hits you harder in your wallet than anywhere else. There are a number of emergencies or individual situations that might cause you to be in quick need of cash with no hassle, and a title loan is a great option here. You can generally get approved in about 10 minutes from start to finish, walking out the door with cash in hand.

Short Term

There are a number of situations where you might be stuck on cash temporarily, but expecting a windfall shortly. Maybe you’re a contractor expecting lump sum payments from a client in a couple months, for instance, but you’re a little thin on funds until then. A title loan is a perfect way to help you get through that brief patch without issue, then land right back on your feet quickly when your funds come in.

Payday Alternative

In the past, payday loans were the standard option for people in these situations outlined above. Today, though, many borrowers are moving to the title loan because it’s more affordable and generally comes with lower interest rates.

For more on the kinds of situations where title loans might be great for you, or to learn about any of our money lending options, speak to the pros at Utah Money Center today.