I’m Looking so Good and Feel so Good about my Title Loan with Utah Money Center

I’m cool stuff!

If you feel like you are paying way too much on your current payday loan or title loan in Salt Lake than YOU ARE! There are many places in Salt Lake City and Provo to get loans. What you may not know is that not all lending institutions are created equal. Just like any other purchase it really makes sense to shop around when doing a Title loan in Salt Lake City or a Signature loan in Salt Lake City. For instance we refinanced a customer from his current title loan with an APR of 375% down to an APR of 120% with us (Utah Money Center) He was soooo happy.

He kept making his usual payment but now the bulk of his payment went to principal and a little to interest instead of the other way around. That is what we are all about Salt Lake City Title loans are great but you REALLY need to know how to navigate them. See you soon at Utah Money Center. You will love our store! We have locations in Provo, Spanish Fork, Sandy and soon to come West Jordan. WE ARE DA BOMB! Call and ask us how to refinance your existing title loan, signature loan, or payday loan. (We do not do payday loans but we will refinance you into our signature loan which is a much better loan anyway. So you come out the winner)

I’m da Bomb! I refinanced my title loan and got a much better interest rate!