Tactics to Lower Title Loan Payments

Our finances aren’t always predictable, and there will be times where someone looking to pay off a car title loan will run into issues. At Utah Money Center, we understand that these kinds of things can be hard to predict, and we’re here to help however we can.

What are some tactics you can take to get lower payments for a title loan? Let’s take a look at a few simple strategies.

Partial Payments

Particularly if you’ve already made a couple payments on time and are building a good reputation with your lender, partial payments will generally be an option. It’s easily workable to set a new due date for the rest of a partial payment – this is perfect for folks who will still have the repayment amount, but may not have the entire thing until later than they had planned. It’s also great for people whose payment schedules at work may have recently changed.


Many lenders also have no prepayment penalties, which means that if you’re in a flush period but expect that a drier stretch may be upcoming, you can put down that chunk of money on your account with no penalties. This saves you interest and gets you out ahead for the leaner months.

Due Date Changes

If you’re willing and to pay the interest balance, changing your due date is typically easy enough. This will allow many people to make on-time payments that will eliminate additional interest building up on the account, and many lenders don’t even require a full minimum payment to change the due date.


If your payments are too high for your given situation, most lenders will allow a simple refinance to a smaller payment amount. This will involve extending the term of the loan out further, but particularly for customers who have built up a bit of trust with their lender, it’s generally a workable arrangement that can benefit both parties.

Interested in learning more about some of the ways you can lower title loan payments, or looking at your options when it comes to title loans? Speak to the brokers at Utah Money Center today.