Title Loan know how!

1. Title Loans are lower interest because they are considered collateralized. Meaning you put your car, truck, motorcycle, atv, boat, motor home up as collateral against the loan. It makes it a secure loan. That is a good thing. Interest will be lower and it doesn’t require as much paper work.

2. Title Loans are considered a quick loan. In other words you can come in and within 20 minutes walk out with the cash you need. If you call in advance and fill out an application on line or over the phone it will be even faster. Once your application is received our fast underwriting department goes to work to qualify you for your loan. Then all you have to do is walk in take a few copies, look at the vehicle and get the money. It really is that simple.

3. Title loans do not require a checking account or require that you have a job. While you do need income you do not have to have a job. You can be receiving Social Security, Pensions, Settlements, Child Support, or retirement checks. All of those will count as income on the application. Those types of income will not work when trying to get a payday loan or a signature loan.

4. To know how much you can borrow on a title loan you would give us the year make and model of the vehicle you are getting the title loan on and we will look up the value on NADA Book. Once we know the value of the vehicle we will loan up to half of its value depending on the year, make, mileage and condition.

5. Your payments include principal and interest so you will know exactly how long it will take to pay off your loan. We can set up your loan depending on how fast you would like to pay it off. You are in control of your payments and payment schedule.

6. When shopping for a title loan it is wise to call a few places and ask what their APR is. APR stands for annual percentage rate. That is the best way to compare companies to know how much interest you will be paying. You will find that APR’s vary a great deal with in the industry. We believe our APR is the lowest around. If by chance you find some one lower we guarantee to beat it. We are serious when we say we have the lowest APR or Interest rate out there.

7. We can loan on any title you may have. The only title we are not set up to loan on are Trailer homes. We do title loans on any vehicle, motorcycles, ATV’s, Boats, snowmobiles, trailers. Call us for a complete list. We loan on older vehicles if there is enough value in them.

8. We build credit with every title loan we give. One of the perks of having a loan with us is that our title loans can help you build your credit. You don’t have to have good credit to get a title loan with us but as you pay your payments on time we report to the credit bureau. Many people need credit repair and that is what we are here for.

9. We send out monthly invoices to all of our wonderful customers as a reminder of when your payments are due. If you should miss a payment someone will call you to remind you that your payment is due. So many people are fearful that they will loose their car if they miss a payment. That is not how we work. We send out invoices, emails, phone calls we make sure you know exactly when you are due so you can put your mind at ease.

10. The best reason to come get a loan at Utah Money Center is because we are the best company to do business with. Our friendly and helpful loan processors will talk you through the whole process in a very professional manor. They are here to help you understand everything and explain your loan to you in detail so you feel very comfortable.