Title Loans are the rage!!! Why, oh money of course (smile)

I happened to be talking to a man the other day that wondered why anyone would get a title loan. Isn’t the interest crazy? Define crazy I said. Crazy is buying a soft drink at any restaurant for $2.75 when the actual drink only costs .05 cents. NOW that is a mark up. But when you are thirsty or you want something you think it through and you make the purchase. People don’t come get Title loans just for the fun of it. There is usually a pretty substantial need for cash. They either don’t have the time to go to a bank and fill out the gobs of paper work and get them all of the documents they require. It usually is a day process. I don’t know anyone who can just walk into a bank and ask for a loan and walk out with in 30 min with cash in hand. Also many customers have less than perfect credit and that will stop any bank loan before you even walk in the door. A cash loan is tricky and hard to get but you use you vehicle as collateral and come to the Utah Money Center and wallah you have an instant money loan. It is just that simple. So if you find yourself in a financial bind. Money is tight or you have to have some cash right away consider doing a title loan. They can actually be very cheap and a great loan to get. Especially if it is a short term loan. Keep in mind at Utah Money Center we also offer Signature loans they are also a quick and easy loan to get. Give us a call today. We will walk you through the whole process. Talk to you soon. Debbie

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