Utah Money Center is here in your time of need.

We understand it’s difficult being approved for a credit card or unsecured loan due to poor credit score but if you have collateral you can be approved for a secure loan such as our title loans.

WIth our title loans we do not check your credit we just hold your title until it’s been paid off. At Utah Money Center we will work around what you can afford on a monthly payment and for how long so there is always an end with your loans

Utah Money Center is helping you out in you time of need but most important we value our hard work in making sure you understand the terms, agreement and leave knowing there are always options with your loan.

To qualify for the loan all you need is to own the car out right, value of the vehicle is worth it, income and proof of residency. Just call West Jordan Utah Money Center at 801-373-2274 to get started today!