We can beat your stress with CASH!

Our team at Utah Money Center is here to make sure you leave with cash in hand and a little less stressed then before you walked in. We want to help you understand our loans a little better as well as get your boat a float instead of sinking deeper.

I am not going to sugar coat that our loans do not have high interest rate because that would be a lie. We do have higher interest then a bank, credit union or even a car lot but with that said we are one of the lower interest rate in our business. Our goal at Utah Money Center is to have you take your loan out for a short period of time to get you back on your feet. At Utah Money Center we are not here to tell you what to do with your money because we understand emergencies, unplanned events, or even just something that can’t wait until payday comes up. That is why at Utah Money Center we are here to assist you in getting out of the bind when your bank/credit union just can’t.

Title Loans at Utah Money Center are lower then most lender out there. We have easy readable, affordable and even a payment plan to help you understand your payments. With our payment plan you will know what your payment is, when it is due and even how much is interest and how much is principle. That is a bonus with Utah Money Center your payment is always broken up to both principle and interest instead of just interest first then your principle last. If for any reason something comes up on your schedule due date you would just simply call our team and let them know what is going on and they can always work with you. Our team is willing and able to help easy your stress when ever you feel it with your loan, money or just need to let us know something happened.

We also offer signature loans which are a little higher in interest then our title loans but you do not need any collateral. Our signature loans are flexible payment options, lower payments on your payday and of course a payment plan. We also do the principle and interest on these loans with every payment.

Let us be your first and only stop you will not regret it with Utah Money Center. Our team is going to go to bat for you when you think you can’t we say we can. Our team is going to try everything to get you that YES you need. Just simply call one of our four locations so we can get you that cash you need TODAY!