What to Look For in a Lender

Lending and borrowing money are hand-in-hand actions that require bits of trust and faith from both parties, and for borrowers, finding reputable lenders who won’t betray this trust is important. At Utah Money Center, we have a fantastic reputation as a fair, honest lender for simple, fast title loans and other personal loans.

When you’re looking around for such a loan, what are the factors you should be considering in a lender? Let’s take a look.

Licensing and Insurance

Laws here will differ from state to state, but lenders must be fully licensed and insured in the field for you to even consider them. There are guidelines in place to keep your rights protected, and to govern loan processing times. Look for a company that has these current licenses within your state and municipality.

Company Stability

Unfortunately, there are some shady dealers in this field you need to keep an eye out for. Many companies are working on limited capital, and may fluctuate in and out of business depending on how a few deals go. You want a company with a long, clean history of lending, with the financial backing to secure your loan strongly.

Loan Thresholds

Different lenders will go about things differently with regard to how much they’re willing to loan out, both for your individual situation and overall. If you find a reputable lender with a high enough threshold, you’ll never have to worry about taking alternative routes, such as using multiple lenders to source enough cash.

Qualification Guidelines

Lenders will also have varying qualification guidelines – some ask for specific forms of income, expenses or credit, but most don’t for these kinds of loans. Depending on your specific needs, look for t right kind of lender here as well.

Interested in learning more about the right kind of lender, or want more information on any of our car title loans? Speak to the brokers at Utah Money Center today.