Words, Personalities, and Borrowing Money

Certain words have the kind of effect people use to help them attain their goals. Linguists believe that word choice is affected by the objectives, personalities and behavior of people and, thus, only employ certain words, intentionally and subconsciously to achieve this.

Studies have been done extensively to connect personalities of people to their use of words. In one of these studies, researchers tried to tag certain attributes, such as depression, honesty and self-consciousness to frequently used words. The second study is more interesting in our field in the sense that it can reflect whether a person’s loan is going to default or be repaid.


In an article published in Harvard Business Review, researchers developed a computer program that categorized words from different texts to reveal someone’s psychological state. People using “I” a lot are seen as self-conscious. Depressed people use the word “I” much more often than emotionally stable ones do. Those who are lower in status use “I” much more frequently.


A person who is lying tends to revert to “we” or omit the first-person pronoun in his statements. The study found that instead of saying “I didn’t take your book,” a liar tends to say, “That’s not the kind of thing that anyone with integrity would do.” Honest people use exclusive words like “but” and “without” and negations, such as “no”, “none”, and “never” much more frequently.

Default or Repaid

In a recent study, borrowers who try to appeal to their prospective lenders’ emotional side mentions “God”, “Give me a chance” and “I promise”. The study says that users of these words and phrases have a tendency to default in their loans.

Re-payers too also use a common vocabulary when pleading for loans. For example are “worth”, “excellent credit”, “lower interest”, “after-tax”, “minimum” and “graduate”.

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